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Day By Day
Child Development Center

Hours of operation 6:30AM-6:00PM

Day by Day Child Development Center is dedicated to providing high-quality early childhood care and education. Age-appropriate programs and a dedicated staff of licensed teachers ensure that children get the positive learning experiences they need to grow up happy and confident.

A range of activities are designed to make the day fly, while building social, motor, cognitive, and language skills. Along with learning new skills, your child will have the opportunity to socialize with other children of the same age, and of course learn while playing!

I love Tummy Time!
Baking soda and water color vinegar makes for a fun science experiment.
Tunnel in the gym!
Sponge shape art
Chalk is fun!
Preschoolers out for a walk.
K-Prep impromptu puddle jumping!
Working on letters, numbers and shape foam puzzles.
Shoveling the last bit of snow.
K-Prep walk to the pond
Using utensils for art.
Matching faces
Seeing what happens when liter gets in our plumping.
Rainbow art
Toddler playground time
Checking in on tummy time!
Painting our Solar System.
Dress as your favorite Disney Character!
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Our Story

What We’re All About

Day by Day Child Development Center is an established, licensed early childhood care provider and education facility serving the local community since 1996. We proudly provide a small, family friendly atmosphere at one and only one location. Day by Day is licensed for 60 children ( 12 infants, 14 toddlers, 14 older toddlers/young preschoolers, and 20 older preschoolers/Prekindergarten ) through both the Minnesota Department of Human Services and the Minnesota Department of Health.

We are renovating this summer and look forward to seeing you in the fall!


Our Vision

Parents set the Values and Ideals their children will follow.

Teachers prepare young minds for How to Think,

Not What to Think.

Our Mission

Innovative & Responsible

We strive to become the essential education center your family needs. Not only are we here to inspire and educate the young minds, but we are also here to help families through difficult times and help them through the journey with children. We are a smaller center which allows us to have better connections with our families and staff!

Colorful Alphabets

Our Values


Contact Us

1565 Cliff Rd #9, Eagan, MN 55122

Phone Number: 651-405-8005


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