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Welcome to the Daffodil Classroom!

In the Daffodil room we work with children ages 31 months to 44 months. We strive to have a fun and creative classroom with themed weeks where we do lots of fun activities! The Daffodil room focuses on potty training, self help skills that involve independence like following bathroom rules, using utensils to eat, drinking out of open cups, changing from pull ups to underwear. With our themed weeks our curriculum helps us focus on numbers, letters, shapes, and colors that we learn through sensory, art puzzles and themed play.  We do a circle time everyday which walks us through the days of the week, weather, and our name recognition. In our classroom we have a consistent and balanced schedule for children to excel in their learning enviornment!


Large carpet area and bulletin board for group time activities. Small handwashing station for children learning to wash on their own.

Reading nook tucked away for quiet times. Home center in the back corner for playtime.


Teacher storage area, table area for art, table activities, meals and snacks.

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